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Congratulations on your decision to purchase a boat and enjoy our great waterways.
Now that decision is made, next is to decide what sort of boat and then which particular boat from the many available from a range of sources.

To guide you through the process, here’s a few issues to consider:-

  • What do you want to use your boat for? Fishing, general excursions, waterskiing, overnight stays and holidays, entertaining friends, long trips – the use will greatly determine your choice. Many boats are branded for specific purposes which makes the search a lot easier and of course many are perfectly suitable for multiple purposes. If you plan to stay overnight quite often with a few guests, comfort will be high on your list of priorities
  • Sail or power? This is clearly a personal choice but many sail boats offer similar features to small cruisers and can be significantly cheaper.
  • Outboard or inboard? Most power boats are outboards until you get up in size. Consider reliability and maintenance costs of each
  • Single or twin engine? If going offshore, twin engines are a good safety feature but may cost more to purchase.
  • Where do you want to go in your boat? Depending if you intend to stay within inshore waterways such as rivers, lakes and sheltered bays or head offshore for cruising and fishing.
  • Store, moor or trailer? It’s essential to decide how you are going to store your vessel when not in use. With small boats you have the options of storing it out of the water on a trailer, as long as you have space to park it. You may need to check with your local council as to parking regulations and costs of trailer registration.
  • Dry storage facilities are an excellent option and available at many locations. This is a good option if you only use your boat occasionally and can plan ahead to have the operators remove it from storage to the water. If you are opting for this, do your research to costs before making a decision.
  • Fixed moorings and marina berths are ideal if you want to have quick and easy access to your boat at all times. Contact your local Waterways Authority for availability of moorings in your area and local marinas for their berth costs and availability. Berthing costs can vary greatly depending on the facilities provided.
  • Ease of operation is an important factor to consider when selecting a boat. Do you have experience in driving boats, are you skilled and confident in all situations or do you require training? Make sure you select a vessel that is within your skill level. You can always upgrade to the sleek sports model in the future!
  • Maintenance costs may have an impact on your purchase decision. What type of hull the boat has, how often you use it and your storage method will determine how often you will need maintenance. Check with local marine engineers and workshops about the repair costs on the brand/model you have in mind. You may find one on your short list is considerably less expensive to maintain.
  • Warranties can be a deal maker or breaker and part of the ‘new’ or ‘old’ decision making. New boats from an authorised and respected dealer should be covered by warranty whereas a second hand vessel from a private dealer may not be covered.
  • Insurance costs are worth checking out. High performance sports models may attract a higher premium than a family runabout and add to annual upkeep. We can give you a quote on insurance and include the first year premium in your finance package. Email us now for details

New Boat Sales

Power and cruiser dealers are located throughout the country, usually representing several brands.

Fishing, ski boats, speedboats are available from specialty dealers.

Check the Boating Industry of Australia website for their members and respected dealers www.bia.org.au

Yacht brokers handle both new and used boats. Check out these sites

Used Boat Sales

Second hand vessels represent a very attractive option in regard to price and there are many sources to unearth a gem.

Trade A Boat is a longstanding publication and packed full of options

If purchasing from a private seller, we can assist with title checks when we are preparing your finance package.

Sources for other boat sales:



Online Sales