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Boats Sales – Finding the right vessel

Finding the right boat to suit your requirements starts with a practical assessment of a range of factors and issues. Asking yourself a series of questions to <a href=”https://mmjdoctoronline.com/esa”>esa dog</a> get a clear picture of exactly what sort of boat you are after – before you start actually looking.

New or used, power or sail, small or large are the obvious but then there are storage, warranties, price of course and how and where you are going to enjoy your new vessel.

Looking at a boat for fishing and fun on inland lakes, rivers and waterways?

Perhaps a high performance sports model to land the big ones, offshore.

A safe, solid, easy to handle model for family time in the many harbour bays and inlets.

A trailer boat you can leave in the driveway and take on holidays

Upgrading to a workhorse for your fishing fleet

Expanding your charter houseboats to meet growing demand

There are a multitude of options in marine craft to consider: sailing boats, racing yachts, dinghies, jetskis, family runabouts, sports fishers, luxury cruisers and even houseboats and commercial vessels.

Power boats include both outboard and inboard engine options with a range of hull variations which determine the performance and stability of the vessel under various water conditions.

Sailing options range from the beginner dinghy sail boat which are great for getting the kids into sailing through to medium range yachts to enjoy wonderful days out with friends to the sleek racing ranges which are designed to challenge whatever the world’s oceans brings on.

Boat Loans and Marine Finance

Securing a great boat loan or marine finance package will definitely add to your boating pleasure.

It’s advisable to seek an expert in the marine finance sector, with many years of experience as they will know both the finance and the boat market.

As a rule, banks tend to have stringent guidelines when it comes to boat finance Australia whereas brokers have the flexibility to source you the best loan to suit your specific requirements especially if they are not aligned with any one lender. Look for expert marine finance brokers that are accredited with but not aligned with a range of major lenders, so they can access to a selection of lending products for you. A good broker will advise and guide you through the entire loan process, handle all the details and present you with a great deal for your new boat loan.

Boat loans can be arranged even for bad credit boat finance or no documents.

Dealing with a broker will save you the time and hassle of sourcing your own boat finance.

If you are shopping around for finance deals, make sure you are comparing offers equally. Don’t just compare interest rates, ensure the offer you have received includes all costs and fees.

Commercial Marine Finance Options

If you are purchasing a charter boat or commercial vessel, there are a range of finance options available to suit your business objectives and tax structure.

Use An Online Loan Calculator for A Quick Estimate

Before you even head out to look at boats, use an online loan calculator to get a ballpark estimate on repayments for a range of prices, interest rates and loan terms.

It’s free to use and no-obligation to proceed.

Quick, Easy, Easily Accessible Calculator.

Just enter a few details to receive an estimate on your boat loan